Homing device

A very powerful homing device used by Bond to follow Goldfinger's Rolls Royce from a distance. The transmitter's frequency could be picked up by the receiver in 007's specially modified Aston Martin DB5.  

The homing device's smaller brother fits neatly into the heel of Bond's shoe so that he can be tracked down when deeply entrenched in an undercover operation. In Goldfinger, 007 tries to use it to send a coded message to his allies, but his note never gets to Felix Leiter.


Golden Pistol


In an attempt to deceive US troops during the film's climax at Fort Knox, Goldfinger changes into a general's uniform and carries a gold plated revolver which he uses to murder Red Chinese nuclear expert, Mr. Ling.


Oddjob's Bowler Hat


When Goldfinger's mute henchmen doffs his hat to a lady it's generally not because he has good manners.  The unique item, which features a metallic brim, is used to deadly effect when Oddjob kills Tilly Masterson with it.  Fittingly, the hat eventually proves to be the instrument of Oddjob's own destruction.  Incidentally, the original hat is still displayed at Bond events and was exhibited for several years at Planet Hollywood in London.