Attache case

Making its only appearance in From Russia With Love, Bond's standard issue briefcase was the first, and perhaps the most authentic, of his spy gadgets. Equipped with a flat bladed throwing knife, 50 gold sovereigns, 20 rounds of ammunition, an AR7 folding sniper's rifle and a canister of tear gas, the briefcase came to Bond's rescue when held at gunpoint by Red Grant.  



The Tape Recorder

A tape recorder cleverly disguised as a movie camera, Bond uses this Q branch gadget in From Russia With Love to take details of the Lektor decoder from Tatiana Romanova. When MI6 confirm that the description is genuine, they authorise Bond's mission to retrieve the decoder and the girl at any cost.



Klebb's Poisoned Shoes


Cleverly concealed in the guise of a cleaning lady, Rosa Klebb kept a special surprise in the sole of her shoes. In a swift transformation from chamber maid to deadly assassin, a poisoned blade emerged from the toe of her right shoe with nothing more than an innocuous click of the heels. From Russia With Love's Russian SPECTRE agent finally met her end at the hands of Tatiana Romanova after she'd had her kicks.