Bond's Re-breather

A small underwater breathing device, this is one gadget that saves Bond's life. In Thunderball, 007 escapes certain death in Largo's shark pool by using the re-breather to avoid drowning whilst swimming to safety. It again comes to his aid later in the mission when he engages Largo's henchmen in an epic underwater battle.


Fiona Volpe's Motorbike

In Thunderball, when Count Lippe fails in his attempts to dispose of the interfering 007, the SPECTRE wheels of revenge swing in to motion in the form of the beautiful but deadly SPECTRE assassin, Fiona Volpe, who has a gadget laden vehicle of her own. Approaching quickly behind Lippe's car, with a flick of a switch, the on-board rockets soon put an end to Lippe and Volpe then proceeds to dispose of the evidence.

Geiger Watch

Q gives Bond an expensive Breitling watch which houses a geiger counter, thus enabling Bond to detect the bombs concealed behind the secret doors hidden within Largo's yacht, the Disco Volante.

Underwater Propulsion Unit

This specially designed unit straps to Bonds oxygen tanks, propelling him under water at rapid pace.  It is used in the climatic battle with Largo.  The unit also features high velocity spear guns and a search light.  The unit also appears during the part of the film when Q is explaining to 007 how to use the gadgets he is being equipped with.  Bond annoys Q by flicking the search light on and off.