Worn by 007 in Goldeneye, this very stylish Omega Seamaster Professional Diver's Watch has a laser hidden in its dial, which helps 007 escape from the villain's private train when it has been set to blow up. It also acts as the remote detonator for Bond's explosive devices. 

The Omega makes another appearance in The World Is Not Enough, where Bond uses its rappelling cord to make a hasty getaway.


Parker Pen

This rather smart looking pen is actually a class four grenade. The four second fuse is armed by clicking the button three times in quick succession. A small gadget which has a devastating effect in Goldeneye.


Rappelling Belt

belt.jpg (19798 bytes)Q-branch have modified this ordinary looking leather belt to conceal a rappelling cord, which gets 007 out of a very tight situation in Goldeneye. However, although Bond may need additional support, this device is only tested for one.


Code Cracking Device

This electronic keypad adheres to a lock and automatically calculates all the possible combinations in a matter of seconds.  It is used by Bond to gain access to the Archangel Soviet nerve gas facility.

Piton Laser Gun

This powerful piton gun is used by 007 to remarkable effect in Goldeneye. A grapple is shot out at high velocity and can lodge into most materials. A high tensile wire connects the grapple to a powerful motor on the gun which retracts the grapple. It also features a laser attachment on top of the gun which can cut through metal at close range. 

.Q'S Gadgets

Among the novel items found in Q's workshop are: