Ericsson Mobile Phone

An ordinary looking mobile phone, in Tomorrow Never Dies, Q branch have enhanced the Ericsson so that it is now packed with features. The display is a fingerprint scanner, and it also hides a powerful electric stun gun. The best comes, however, when the phone is flipped open and can be used to drive Bond's BMW.

Walther P99

A new design based on the classic PPK, the Walther P99 is a 9mm double action semiautomatic pistol. The P99, which appears in Tomorrow Never Dies, has a 10 round magazine, yet still maintains the small size and flat design that made the PPK an ideal weapon of concealment for undercover operatives. The gun is also available with a 16 round magazine (for law enforcement only) and the trigger is both single-action and double-action.

However, James doesn't receive his new toy through his usual contact (Q) instead it is through top Chinese agent Colonel Wai Lin.


Wai Lin's Gadgets

Wai Lin may be an agent of a communist government but when it comes to hi-tech gadgetry she certainly gives capitalist 007 a run for his money.  When Bond visits her seemingly nondescript office located in a Saigon market place, he is surprised to see a veritable 'Q branch' of hidden gadgets and weaponry including:

Earlier Lin, dressed in a sleek black cat-suit, whilst in Carvers factory, uses a wrist device that fires a rope and piton, allowing her to walk vertically down the wall.

GPS Encoder

This top secret CIA device sends navigational instructions to satellites which, in turn, transmit the orders to military ships.  When Henry Gupta delivers a stolen encoder to Carver, the media mogul gains the ability to misdirect a UK warship into Chinese territorial waters, thus setting a motion that he hopes will be a prelude to a nuclear war between China and the UK.