A Tube of 007's Dentonite Toothpaste

Cleverly labelled "Dentonite", 007's toothpaste tube contained a powerful plastic explosive. Used by Bond in Licence To Kill, the toothpaste was remotely exploded using a detonater cunningly disguised as a packet of cigarettes. 


X Ray/Laser Camera

One of Q's many toys which he always remembers to pack with him when he goes away on holiday, this ordinary looking camera has a few hidden extras. Only appearing in License To Kill, the camera takes X-Ray photographs. However, if you turn on the flash, it shoots a powerful laser at however was dumb enough to say 'cheese'. 


Signature Gun

A high velocity sniper's rifle disguised as a camera, this gun also has a ingenious handgrip which can read the palm print of the hand holding the gun. Once this signature has been set, the gun can only be used by its owner. In License To Kill, Bond tries to use the gun to assassinate drug dealer Franz Sanchez, is stopped by Hong Kong narcotics agents, but his life is saved by the gun's special signature.