Perhaps one of the most sly of all Bond villains, Kristatos (played by Julian Glover) attempts not only to sell NATO's ATAC to the Soviets, but to get Bond to kill his competitor and long-time adversary, Columbo. Appearing in For Your Eyes Only, Kristatos is a smuggler and a thief with no scruples and a score of hired killers led by Emile Locque. He has a poor sense of honour, having gained a medal from the British during the war while he was actually serving as a double agent. His only redeeming feature is his concern for his hot-headed, ice skating protoge, Bibi Dahl.

Most memorable quote
"You cannot just arrest him, you must find a different way. You may have to kill him."

Emile Locque

A convicted criminal who escaped from prison by strangling his psychiatrist, Emile Locque (played by Michael Gothard) is Kristatos' right hand man. In For Your Eyes Only, Locque callously kills Bond's contact and attempts to put 007 out of action. Bond hits back, however, and chases Locque down before ruthlessly pushing his car over a cliff with Locque still at the wheel.

Most memorable quotes
Bond: A nose, Q, not a banana.

Erik Kriegler

Respected as a world champion in the Pentathalon and admired by the ladies, Erik Kriegler (played by John Wyman) has another, darker side to his character.  In For Your Eyes Only, he works for the nefarious Kristatos in an attempt to sell the British ATAC to the Russians.