Kamal Khan

Another smuggler connected with the Soviet Union, Kamal Khan (played by Louis Jourdan) double-crosses his partner, Octopussy to make a double killing by selling stolen Russian jewelry and planting a nuclear device on an American Air Force base. With no love lost for any of his associates, Khan stops at nothing to gain his fortune; but his lust for wealth is sent crashing down in flames when 007 steps in to save the world.

Most memorable quotes
"Spend the money quickly, Mr. Bond."


Kamal Khan's turbaned assistant, Gobinda's tough stare is his most formidable feature. In Octopussy, his undying loyalty to his master finally proves his downfall after being ordered out of a plane to dispose of the relentless 007. Played by Kabir Bedi, Gobinda is big and tough but none too bright.

Most memorable quote
Bond: I don't suppose you'd care for a nightcap?

Mishka and Grishka

Kamal Khan's trained assassins, Mishka and Grishka (played by real life twins David and Anthony Meyer) are knife throwing circus performers in Octopussy's travelling circus.  However, they also use those knives with deadly consequences when anyone stands in the way of Khan's plans.

Most memorable quote
Grishka: This is for my brother.