Hugo Drax

Yet another egocentrical megalomanic, Hugo Drax from Moonraker is given a double edge by Michael Lonsdale, his quiet good manners hiding an angry, troubled soul. By the world, he is seen as a great businessman, a philanthropist and a genius. To Bond, he is a madman whose over-inflated ego now threatens the world. His plan to annihilate the inhabitants of Earth in favour of his own "super-race" in space conjures up shades of Karl Stromberg from The Spy Who Loved Me, but is given a new twist by the space station based headquarters.

Most memorable quote
"Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him."


Strong, steel toothed and very, very big, Richard Kiel made Jaws an invulnerable opponent for 007.  Although fed to a shark, driven into the roof of a house, thrown out of a train, dropped out of an aeroplane, crashed into a winching station, plummeted over a waterfall and allowed to freefall from space, Jaws always just brushes himself off and carries on with the job in hand, which is killing Bond. The ultimate villain's henchman, Jaws made a return appearance in Moonraker.

Most memorable quotes
Bond: His name's Jaws, he kills people.
Bond: He just stopped in for a quick bite.
Jaws: Well, here's to us.