Elliot Carver

Elliot Carver is a worldwide media baron, the head of the Carver Media Group, who will stop at nothing to get a good story. Realising the media potential of global conflict, Carver (played by Jonathan Pryce) manipulates the Chinese and British governments into a military standoff as the vehicle to launch his new 24hr satellite news channel. Tomorrow Never Dies is named after the Tomorrow newspaper, which Carver uses to report his underhanded operations to the world.

Most memorable quote
"There's no news like bad news."

Dr. Kaufman

A trick shot assassin, Dr. Kaufman (played by Vincent Schiavelli), having already killed Carver's wife, is given the seemingly simple task of assassinating Bond and making it look like 007 was responsible for the death of Paris. Not quite as easy as it appears.

Most memorable quote
Kaufman: I'm just a professional doing a job.
Bond: So am I.

Mr. Stamper

Elliot Carver's right hand man, Mr. Stamper (played by Götz Otto), aims to become the ultimate in henchmen under the careful tutelage of Dr. Kaufman.  Standing at over 6ft in height and carrying a very large gun, in Tomorrow Never Dies, Mr. Stamper callously murders the survivors of a ship wreck in an attempt to get good footage for the Carver Media Network.

Most memorable quote
"I owe you an unpleasant death, Mr. Bond."