YO-YO Buzz Saw

This is a razor-sharp circular saw which runs up and down a wire, in similar fashion to a Yo-Yo (hence the name).  The weapon is employed by one of the thugs Gobinda hires to assassinate 007 and Octopussy and features prominently in a well staged fight sequence.  Tragically, Vijay falls victim to the saw and is subjected to a torturous death.

Seiko Watch

Bond had another Seiko in Octopussy, equipped with a directional locator which picked up the frequency emitted by a tiny transmitter hidden inside a Faberge Egg.


Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

This eighteen carat gold Mont Blanc pen contains a receiver to enable bond to track the bug in the Faberge egg.  The barrel also holds a portion of acid capable of dissolving metal.  Bond uses this to escape from his imprisonment in Kamal's palace by burning through metals bars in the window.  the pen also contains an earpiece which works in conjunction with the bug in the Faberge egg, allowing 007 to listen in on conversations between General Orlov and Kamal Khan.