Kananga/Mr. Big

A two faced Carribean criminal with a plan to flood the American heroin market, Kananga cleverly used voodoo to inspire loyalty in his henchmen and fear in his enemies.  In Live and Let Die, as Mr. Big, he leads one of the toughest, most organised street gangs in Harlem; and as Kananga, under the guise of diplomatic security, he controls one of the largest heroin production centres in the world.  Played fiendishly by Yaphet Kotto, Kananga's plan is finally thwarted by his trust in his voodoo high priestess, Solitaire, and 007's endurance and audacity.

Most memorable quote
Bond: My name is....
Mr. Big: Names is for tombstones, baby.

Tee Hee

Named after his wicked laugh, Tee Hee (played by Julius Harris) is Mr. Big's number one. Making his only appearance in Live and Let Die, Tee Hee's favoured weapon is a steel hook replacing the right hand that he lost to a rather hungry alligator.

Most memorable quote
"Oh, the other's twice as simple. You just put your hand in his mouth and pull his teeth out.."



Another of Kananga's henchmen who got his name because of his voice, Whisper is soft spoken, but still menacing. Played by Earl Jolly Brown, Whisper works undercover in St. Monique as a waiter, lulling 007 into a false sense of security with his quiet, passive manner.

Most memorable quote
"Your champange, sir..."


Baron Samedi

The voodoo lord of the afterlife, Baron Samedi (played by Geoffrey Holder) is an integral part of Kananga's plot to flood the U.S. drugs market. In Live and Let Die, he uses his voodoo ceremonies to bump off those people standing in the way of his master's plan. Quite possibly one of the eeriest of the Bond characters, Samedi is a forebidding figure who just doesn't seem to want to die.

Most memorable quote
"Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha"