db5.gif (59438 bytes) The Aston Martin wasn't the first car James Bond used, but it was the second most important change in the James Bond series since the throwing away of the Beretta. The DB5's first appearance was in Goldfinger, it's most important role. It saved James Bond's life on a daring journey through the forest near Auric Goldfinger's processing plant. The Aston Martin DB5 started all of the James Bond cars after that.
The DB5 was installed with a variety of options. It contained the chair ejector, which hurled James Bond's guard out of the car, smoke screen tanks, oil slicks, and a special bulletproof shield. And, naturally, as always, bulletproof glass.


volante.gif (18449 bytes) The most tricked up James Bond car in years, the brand new 1986 Aston Martin Volante, starring in "The Living Daylights". Saving James Bond's life several times. It was the most destructive James Bond car after being armed with some of the greatest refinements of any James Bond car. The Volante was the last car containing gadgets to be used. Q talked a great deal about the refinements of the Z3, but they were never used. I enjoyed watching the Volante with it's large engine taking on most of Czech army. In my mind, it's the greatest Bond car ever



bmwz3.gif (20595 bytes) The BMW [Bavarian Motor Works] is the first James Bond car not made in England. It was introduced early in the film, naturally by Q, but wasn't used. The only thing that could be considered a use is that it was shown driving along in Cuba, when Bond and Natalya Simonova go to meet Jack Wade. I consider it more of a "Here's the BMW," drive, and not a use of purpose. The Z# was, naturally after that explosive Aston Martin Volante, as the most dangerous Bond car ever. The only hope for Bond fans to see the Z3, is that it is used more in the next James Bond film.

The Z3 had some of the most amazing features that I've ever heard of on a Bond car however, it doesn't quite top the rocket engine in the Volante, submarine Lotus, or the ejector seat in the DB5. I think the stinger missiles behind the headlights are right up there with the other famous gadgets. The Z3 also had a nifty radar behind the stereo console and the standard bullet proofing.


citroen_2cv.jpg (5482 bytes) Citroen 2CV

James Bond uses Melina Havleock's tiny, little car to escape Gonzales' men. The car is shot, turned over, and almost completely falls apart, yet it does allow Bond and Melina to getaway.



ferrari_355.jpg (5681 bytes) Ferrari 355

Xenia Onatopp in her Ferrari 355 goes head-to-head against James Bond and his famous, classic Aston Martin DB5. As Bond says, "Ladies First..."



bmw7502.jpg (15021 bytes)

This car was seen in the newest Bond hit, Tomorrow Never Dies. It is the BMW 750i. It has several interesting gadgets including:

A pack of missiles hidden within the roof

A remote control operated by a touch pad on Bond's cell phone

An impenetrable theft deterrent system


The wire cutter that was present on the BMW 750i that Bond used to escape from Carver's henchmen in Tomorrow Never Dies

Bond's Jet Pack

Following the success of the gadget laden Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger, gadgets made a strong return in Thunderball. Conveniently hidden on the roof top for a quick escape, Bond's jet pack allows him to evade the pursuing guards in the pre-title sequence. As usual, a nifty gadget used in a Bond film long before it became a reality. 


Little Nellie

A wonderful little girl, Little Nellie was an autogyro which could be assembled from four leather cases to become a small, manouverable one-man helicopter. Little Nellie appeared in You Only Live Twice, armed with twin forward-firing machine guns, rocket launchers, rear-firing flame throwers, aerial mines and heat-seeking missiles. 



Jet Ski

Q thinks of everything. In The Spy Who Loved Me, he ensures that, even on a submarine, Bond has delivery of an unassembled jet ski. Very handy to have when you're stuck in the middle of the ocean and you need to get somewhere in a hurry. Bond utilises the vehicle in an attempt to save XXX from Atlantis, the underwater lair of Karl Stromberg.


For 007, a pleasant trip along the canals of Venice can always turn into trouble, so Bond's gondola is equipped ready for action. In Moonraker, when danger threatens, the gondola's outboard motor helps Bond make a fast getaway, and it turns neatly into a hovercraft when 007 decides to leave the canals for a cruise through the streets of the historic city. 



Making it's one and only appearance in Moonraker, Bond's specially modified speedboat took him up the Amazon and past Drax's guards to his secret hideaway. Optional extras on this lovely looking craft include floating mines, torpedoes and a hanglider hidden in the roof just in case you get that sinking feeling.