Emilio Largo

SPECTRE's number two and one of their best agents, Emilio Largo (played by Adolfo Celi) was a man with a plan who was determined not to be stopped. He lets nothing get in the way of intention to blackmail the world, whilst still enjoying the finer things in life. In Thunderball, he cares little for even those closest to him, going as far as murdering the brother of his mistress, and torturing Domino when he finds her to be untrustworthy. Finally thwarted by 007's relentlessness, Largo is one of the more memorable Bond villains.

Most memorable quote
"Heat and cold, applied scientifically..." 


Largo's cold, heartless bodyguard in Thunderball, Vargas (played by Philip Locke) plays a small but significant part in SPECTRE's plan of world extortion.  He keeps an eye on the developing relationship between Bond and Domino, but when he feels things are going too far, 007 helps him to get the point.

Most memorable quote
Largo: Of course, Vargas does not drink, does not smoke, does not make love. What do you do, Vargas?