Brad Whittaker

Brad Whittaker (played by Joe Don Baker) is an illegal arms dealer. His fascination with war and his failure in the military led him to use other means for organising his own comradeship-in-arms. Expelled from Westpoint for cheating, he spent a short stint as a mercenary in the Belgian Congo before working with various criminal organisations to help finance his first arms deals. In The Living Daylights, with the help of Georgi Koskov, he attempts to use Soviet money to buy opium at the same time as using 007 to kill the suspicious Russian head of secret operations.

Most memorable quote
"Well, that's too bad, Bond. You know, you could've been a live rich man instead of a poor dead one."


A well built, Soviet trained assassin, The Living Daylights', Necros (played by Andreas Wisniewski) aids Brad Whittaker's arms dealing in order to receive support for his comrades.  Fluent in several languages, tough and resourceful, Necros undertakes a number of guises in his attempts to eliminate British agents, most memorable of which is his explosive milkman.

Most memorable quote
"Green 4 to base. We have dangerous gas leaks in main building. Some personnel overcome."

Georgi Koskov

A two-faced, smooth talking, double-crossing swindler, Georgi Koskov (played by Jeroen Krabbé) joins forces with Brad Whittaker in The Living Daylights to make a fortune out of "borrowed" Russian money.  Their plan to revive Smiert Spionum (death to spies) as a cover for their deception almost leads 007 to assassinate the head of the Russian secret service.  Koskov finally gets what he deserves when he is returned to his mother land under armed escort.

Most memorable quote
Pushkin: Send him back to Russia...
Koskov: Oh, thank you, General, thank you!
Pushkin: In the diplomatic bag.