Voice Simulator

Blofeld uses this device to imitate the voice of Willard Whyte and manages to convince the billionaire's business contact's that all is stable in the Whyte empire.

False Fingerprints

These are made of latex plastic and are provided to 007 by Q so that he can successfully pose as Peter Franks.  The invention comes in handy when Tiffany Case secretly tests 007's fingerprints against those of Franks on a scanning machine.  The finger prints pass the test.

Bombe Surprise

This is a time bomb hidden in a lavish cake and served to Bond and Tiffany onboard a luxury cruise liner during the film's climax.  The waiters are Wint and Kidd.  Fortunately Bond recognises Wint to be an assassin.  in the brief fight sequence to follow 007 sets Kidd on fire and ties the Bombe Surprise to Wint and tosses him overboard with the bomb to exploding only seconds later.